World’s first robot lawyer is appointed!

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Everyday Science is progressing one step forward in this era of information technology. This time world’s first robot lawyer is appointed in this progress.

robot 2Complicated issues of law, legal counsel, collecting evidence all will be done by this robot which formal name is ROSS. Recently, Bekar Hostetler law firm of America has hired Ross for their legal advice. This Robot is made by Watson’s technology of IBM organization.  New Decision of the court that may affect the litigation will also highlight by this sophisticated robot. The Company claimed Customers will be benefited by Ross to prevent bank failure including several trades.

A departmental store in Tokyo Robot has started work as a Receptionist from few days before. Now Robot is appointed as a lawyer! No doubt in future Robot will be appointed in various important positions. As robots are becoming alternative of human this may increase number of unemployment in world wide in future.

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