Windows Start Button is not working in win7, win8 or win10?

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Start button of the windows is not working? Nothing you can not do with start button of windows? You cannot shut down or open any program with start button?

We have a simple solution of it. Just follow with picture and solve it.


Right click in the start button and choose properties,

krdc IT-SBNW-2
Click in the Customize Start Menu dialog box and then click Use Default Settings, After then click OK, and then click OK again.

KRDC IT-SBNW-3If not solve the problem then also try according to follows:

Press Ctrl + Alt+ delete on the keyboard and click on task manager

Click on the Process tab and locate explorer.exe in the windows and click on end task.
Click on File and then click on New. Type explorer.exe and press enter.

I hope the problem will be solve.


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