Weather forecast is now from Smart Umbrella!

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No more depends on weather reports to know today’s weather forecast. Your smart umbrella will let you know how will go today’s weather. This umbrella will inform you weather updates of whole day including rain forecast.

oombrellaThe name of advance technology umbrella is OOMBRELLA. It works by sending notification to your mobile. Even if you leave home without your umbrella or you leave umbrella somewhere by mistake it will always remember to you sending this notification FORGET ME NOT. So that you will never lose your precious Umbrella.

OOmbrlla’s ribs are made out with Kevlar which will be wind resistance with the capability of withstanding storms, hailstorms, snowstorms and perhaps any other kind of storm. It has a waterproof, ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold while ensuring that the components inside won’t be damaged by rainwater. The canopy also contributes to the whole wind-resistant functionality, as it’s made from the “finest shiny material,” and lastly, it’s UV-resistant. It will be available in Shiny, Black and White Edition.

But OOmbrella won’t be cheap. People will have to spend a good amount of money to buy this umbrella. OOmbrella will be available in International market by the end

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