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Smart world’s smart choice is smartphone and it is spreading day by day. But how many people know its proper use? There are still so many people who does normal mistake continuously when using smartphone.  Such as-

  • Most of smartphone users don’t feel the importance of security software. This attitude may cause your smartphone in danger.
  • When update massage come in your smartphone you should update as soos as possible. Otherwise your phone become slow and create so many problems. But most of users ignore this matter.
  • Many users don’t use pin or password in phones lock system. But too much swiping can damage your phone’s screen.
  • When you do rooting or gel break you should take precautions. Every smartphone have some certain rules which you must comply with the requirement.
  • Who does not want to internet surfing by save own mobile data? So many people tend to use free WIFI. But from free WIFI hackers can spread supremacy in your smartphone.
  • Leave the habit to insert your phone’s data cable in any computer. Like this your mobile can attack with dire virus
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