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To browse internet many people are considered Chrome browser as a Model. Using the browser internet browsing is faster so it bits slow our computer. But there have some way you can stop computer to become slow. The main problem of chrome browser is it uses more Ram and battery than other browser for better performance. In this case if you use more than one tab it becomes slow. Here is some solution of this problem.

  1. Any types of unnecessary extension can make slow Chrome browser.Type in your browser “chrome://extensions”.Then remove all unnecessary extension.
  1. Clean your cash memory.Type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData”.Then select everything and remove.
  1. Close Plug-ins. For this you have to know which Plug-ins is necessary and which is not.Go to “chrome://plugins” –then close all unnecessary Plug-in.
  1. If you browse web by tab then download the great suspender from chrome web store. It will keep away all disturbances when you browsing chrome.
  1. If any malware or virus in your computer or device it might be slow internet browsing speed and your device’s speed also. To solve this you have to install a good antivirus check your device.
  1. Also you will get some option from ‘chrome://flags’. If you can identify what is your problem you can speed up chrome browser by necessary changing from these solutions.



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