How to Shut Down Irritating Windows Update

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Windows is automatically updated shortly after few days when it is on mode. Though it is necessary for computer security, but it becomes irritating when you are in hurry and you want to shut down but it starts auto update installation. To complete auto update it takes 15-30 minutes or more. If you want to shut down your computer from power button directly that time it may damage your windows. This problem is more common in Windows 7 and the latest version of Windows 10.
If you see orange color shield warning icon in Shutdown button and click that button, then the computer will off after install the update. To shut down your computer that time you can apply those methods.
Method 1
· Press windows key + D
· Then press Alt+F4 together. Shut down dialogue box will show
· Then press OK to select shut down from the pull down menu.
Method 2
· Go to lock the screen by pressing the Windows key + L
· Then press shut down (If only one user)
· Or, press switch user then press shut down by clicking the arrow sign from power icon on the right side. (If many users)

Method 3
· Press Windows key +R
· Then press enter to write cmd
· When the command prompt will start, then write shutdown/s/f/t 0 and press Enter. The computer will off immediately.

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