Scientist has invented artificial skin to hide age

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Every people want to keep up their youth for life time. They try to hide the impression of age. Some turn to surgery also. Still it fails at a time. Wrinkles or fold age flourishes on skin. But scientist has good news those are worried about that.

The team of Harvard medical school and Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made an elastic coating which is almost invisible.  They claim it is possible to hide wrinkles by it. This artificial skin can made a great demand as toiletries. The artificial skin made of silicon and oxygen molecules in the laboratory of Polymer Polysiloxane . Though it is artificial but it has made emulation of real skin. Scientists claimed the artificial skin creates a protection layer on the skin. It increases elasticity of the skin besides protect from moisture. But do not create a barrier to the flow of air and light. Positive results have been found applying by the volunteers.

A report has published on this research in the journal nature materials. Lead researcher Professor Robert Langer of MIT said that they tried to make an artificial skin which is invisible, water, and environment to adapt to other elements. Now they are verifying the compatibility of the skin for treatment of various diseases including hiding age.  However, more research is needed before marketing the artificial skin. Also to get clearance it needs “SAFE” certificate from the regulatory.

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