How to Recover of lost contacts from Android

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In our smartphone probably Contact is the most important of all data. So if someone lost the contact list suddenly and if don’t know how recover this then surely he will on trouble. Here is a recovery system to overcome this problem.

There is lot of different way to show contact list in Android. Sim contact, Device contact, Email contact etc. If you suddenly notice that you do not see your stored contacts in contact list then don’t be panic. May be the contacts is not displaying. First check that your contacts are really removed or not. To check you can follow this process-

  • Open contact list
  • Tap menu button
  • Tap contacts from Settings
  • Open Contacts to Display
  • Select All Contacts

Hope now you can see the contacts in contact list. But if you don’t see it means your contacts have been removed from your device. Still there is nothing to be panic. Let’s learn how to recover deleted contacts.

Recovery-From Gmail

You can remember when you first run your device you have included a Gmail ID in your smartphone. Without Gmail ID you will be denied most of service of Android. Even without this ID you will not be able to access the Google Play Store. When you include Gmail ID it starts synchronizing different types of data automatically. For example, e-mail, Contacts, Calendar, app data, and so on. In the same way you have also some data in your Gmail ID means your contacts is also stored in the ID. So even the contacts are removed from your device we can recover it from your Gmail ID. Follow the steps-

  • Access your Gmail ID from computer browser.
  • You will see Mail written in red color in the left side. There is a Drop Down menu beside of this. Click in the Menu.
  • After click drop down menu you will see Contacts and Task under of your mail. Selects Contacts.
  • Now mark which contacts you want to restore.
  • After marking you will see an option More including Drop Down menu in left side of mail. Click here.
  • After click More you will see an Option Restore Contacts. Click here and all your contacts will be restored in your device.


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