Reasons and solutions of Freezing Smart Phone

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Becoming freeze or hang of smart phone is a very common problem especially in Android phones. Often we face this problem and not to knowing the correct reason of freezing sometimes we damage our phones. But if you identify the reason you can easily solve this problem.

Reason of Freeze

  • If running too many applications
  • Full of internal storage
  • Full of external storage
  • If installed so many applications or game in internal storage
  • Storage of cookie, cache and log file
  • Installation of so many application
  • Running of big application in low RAM
  • Using of heavy theme
  • Installation of unsupported or incompatible game
  • Increasing of animation scale in smart phones

Solution of Freezing

  • Try as much as possible empty of internal space of your smart phone. The applications or game which are possible to install in memory card, install those applications or game in memory card. As a result the pressure of the internal memory card will be reduced. If internal memory space is empty there will be no freezing problem.

Note: If several applications can be installed on internal memory then root your smart phone by link2 sd. After that you can easily transfer applications on external memory. But if you are basic a user it’s better not to involve with rooting process.

  • Uninstall unnecessary applications from your smart phone. As a result not only storage but also some of your RAM resources will be empty in your smart phone and will be reduced freezing problem of Android.

Note: If you think   the redundant applications you might be need later then you can store those applications in computer or memory card so that when necessary you don’t need to use data connection.

  • Do not use any application or games which requirements or specifications are not in your smart phone.
  • Do not run heavy applications or games if your RAM resource is comparatively low.
  • When you run any large app or game you can kill system redundant processes. To kill Android task killer there is default task killer but if you want you can also use Advance task killer or Easy task killer
  • Try to open fewer tabs when browsing. Because in budget smart phones more tab are use additional RAM resources which can create freezing problem.
  • After few days regularly clean cookie, cache and log file of several applications.
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