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Now for the spread of online general identity of people has changed. Now their main identity has become account of Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, whatsapp,imassage . The security of these accounts is also becoming important. However, due to the recent hacking, these accounts are not safe anymore.

Who are using variety of online social media they often use same password for different sites. The password system is becoming weak day by day. Many hackers are now breaking passwords using variety of methods.

Many hackers have proved password security system is ineffective from last few days. By using Killgurs Recording software it’s become very easy to grab passwords for hackers. Last month Leaked Source confessed it was a great mistake to underestimate stolen of half of the six million LinkedIn passwords.  16,73,70,910 user’s online account password has recently published by hacker . Two Russian hacker are behind of the incident.

However not only 167 million of LinkedIn passwords but also 360 million of MySpace, 68 million of tumbler, 100 million of Russian social media and 71 million of twitter user’s passwords has stolen.  In this case, experts suggest, some way to protect social media passwords from hackers. They are saying do not use the password which is easy to guess. It is very important to change passwords regularly. If your password is too easy or easy to guess then change it quickly.

How do you understand that your password is easy? There is a list of most uses password. Always try to avoid this passwords.

jhfHow do you make difficult password? Experts say you can make difficult password by using a word. For this you can use “@#45” this type of letters in a word. Besides if you access different websites by using a common password then use websites initial letter before or after password.

Also do not use same password for different websites.Experts also think a password should not be used for a long time. In this case you should change it after every month. If you are having problems to changing your password you can use software to save passwords. This software will save your password, and it will remind you when necessary.

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