Protect Pen Drive by password without any software

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We keep many personal, important or confidential documents or files in our Pen Drive which we don’t want to see anybody else. So it is better to set a password in it. To set password in Pen Drive there has many software in internet but you can also give password without any software.

How to give password

  • First insert your pen drive in PC USB. Then click on start Write Bitlocker Drive Encryption in search box. A page will open from control panel. Click on Bitlocker Drive Encryption.
  • Then right click on pen drive from computer and turn on bitlocker.
  • After that windows will ask to set a password. Now set a strong password.
  • After setting password go to next step. A recovery code will give in this step, in case if you forget your password. Save that code.

Your USB will lock and when you insert your USB again it will ask to enter your password. To remove password from your pen drive just turn off bitlocker.

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