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To stop sending SMS by Mistake

Sometimes we send SMS to wrong sender by mistake. Then we try to stop sending massage but often it won’t be possible. What will you do in this case?

If your massage already sent then you can’t do anything. But if it is in sending position then you can stop it by an easy process. In this case when your massage is showing “sending” turn your Smartphone in Airplane mode quickly.  After turning Airplane mode your massage will stop to send. Then you can delete it.

Stop incoming massage when you are busy

Perhaps you are doing very important work that time an Incoming massage has broken your concentration. You can use an extension for not to face such circumstances. It will help to stop incoming massage for a while. You can use “inbox pause” from Google chrome. It can stop incoming massage from different app including Gmail. You can use it also by customizing.

To avoid system maintenance

If you want to avoid computer regular maintenance than you can make the system automated. So that you won’t have to spend extra time for this. You need to do follow a few steps.

  • Go to Control Panel to click Start
  • Go to Administrative Tool from control panel. This is where all your work can be arranged to a specific schedule.
  • Click Action Then you can Schedule any function from basic task.

To stop auto video play from face book

Video is start playing automatically in face book without click. It creates annoyance also lost data. If you want to stop auto video play follow three simple steps.

  • Go to Settings in face book. Look to the left will appear when you click on settings.
  • Go to Menu and click on Videos.
  • After clicking an option will come Auto video play in the right side. Click on this. On/Off option will come. Click on Auto video play will stop.

For Android

Android user will tap on left side of three lines to open face book app. Then tap on auto play from app settings. From there you find different settings for mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. Click on never auto play videos. There is also a system if you want to keep on auto play when connecting Wi-Fi.


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