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Defrag your Hardisk

If your Hardisk become slow your PC speed will also be slow. There is different reason of fragment in a hardisk. This will reduce your hardisk speed when fragment quantity will increase. When you do copy, paste, remove etc hardisk saves it and if you don’t defrag, it reduces the speed of hardisk. To defrag you can use defraggler software. You can use it two or thrice times.

 Delete temp, %temp%, prefetch

These are your PC’s unnecessary files which reduces computer speed. Every time you can clean it before shut down. You can clean it by manually or software.

How to clean manually: Open run by clicking windows+R. Write temp in Run and press Enter. A folder will open. Mark all flies of the folder and delete. Do same process for %temp% and Prefetch.

Clean by software: Download free software named AFT and install it. You can use it very easily.

Clean Junk file and Registry clean regularly

Almost everybody do this who are using computer. Computer junk file will remove and speed will increase when you clean your PC. If you do registry clean windows work load will reduce, speed will increase and will save windows from crash. C- Cleaner can be used for this purpose.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Everybody knows if you install so many software’s in your computer it will automatically slow. So check your computer if there is any unnecessary file then remove it.

Clean C drive

To clean system drive open Run by pressing Windows+ R and write cleanmgr. Then press ok. A window will open. Mark all files of the window and remove.

Disable unnecessary windows service

Open Run and write service.msc. Press Enter. You will see a list of many services which you can stop. To stop the service press right button. Then go to properties and disable “startup type”. Then press Apply. You have to restart your PC after doing this. There is a list of some services which you may not need.

  • Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service ( If you don’t use Bit Locker)
  • Bluetooth Support Device (If you don’t use of Blutooth)
  • Disk Defragmenter (If use third party software to Defragment
  • Fax (If no use of Fax)
  • Print spooler (If no use of Printer)
  • Security center (If use third party antivirus)
  • Task scheduler (Disable it those who have no idea about it and if no use)
  • Windows defender
  • Windows
  • Windows search
  • Windows update

Use portable software

To reduce pressure from windows use portable software.

Use light antivirus

You can use SMADAV for pendrive shortcut virus and Malwarebytes for online security. Avasti, Kaspersky, Norton, Bitdefender are heavy software’s which take lot of space of Ram. More over it also slow computer by increasing processor’s pressure.

Fast windows startup

Got to Run and write MSCONFIG to boost your PC’s boot time.  Then go to Boot tab and press Advance Option. Then click Number Of Processors and select maximum number from down. Then press Ok and Apply. After that restart your PC.

Update your Driver

Try to update your Driver’s between 2 or 3 months so that you can get full performance from your hardware.

 Do Tree

Open Run and type Tree and press Enter. By this windows will cash those soft drives from your computer so that folder thumbnail and other icon will take less time to load. You can Tree  one or twice every time after start your PC.

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