Google is storing all your conversation secretly!

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Do you know Google has recorded all your conversation you have talked in your android phone? If you want you can listen again previous conversation. You can also remove it .

Google store has huge collection of mobile phone conversation of whole world. Google is storing secretly android user’s conversation from beginning. Actually to use voice search technology Google record   user’s voice. Google search user’s existing voice combined with reserved voice. This technology has stored your old conversation record also you can remove it easily.

For this you have to open history page. There you can see long list of voice recording. It’s important to remember that there is different history page of Google web activity and audio. All of your visit pages record is stored in Internet.

Google new portal of 2015 is active from one year. So it stores users all internet activity from one year. It has also ultimate secret conversation recording. Opening this audio diary it can possible to look back of many old conversation, facts and circumstances. Also possible to know how much of your information Google has gathered in this one year.

For android phone it is much easy to understand. This phone starts to say ‘OK Google’. Not only in phone it is possible to retrievable of all activity in Google of any android device.

To delete all stored conversation from Google you have to open audio history page. After that to remove select specific or all recording list then delete. To delete a particular or more than one file first click left side of check box from file list. After that click delete button above of page. To remove all information select “more” and delete. Then Click “advance” and all information will remove permanently. But if you want to stop Google recording from beginning turn off “Virtual Assistance” option and don’t use voice search.

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