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Every day and night we do lot of work in our PC.  When we do any task in our computer for every task it creates some unnecessary file automatically which called junk files. This junk files are stored in hard disk drive.  In windows folder it stores by name of %temp%, temp, recent, prefetch. Computer gets slower for this heavy junk files. To keep good speeds of your computer you have to delete unnecessary files by opening every folder severally.

But If you want you can do it more easily. For that you have to create a beach file (* bat) in notepad. Write down the symbols exactly in notepad and save it by name of ‘tempcleaner.bat’. From this file you can easily remove those junk files by two clicks.


title Temporary File Remover By Muyin Uddin

echo Delete all Temporary Files

%SystemRoot%/explorer.exe %temp%/


del %temp%.*


%SystemRoot%/explorer.exe C:/Windows/prefetch/


del C:/Windows/prefetch.*



cd %TEMP%

rmdir /S /Q %TEMP%

cd C:/Windows/Temp

rmdir /S /Q C:/Windows/Temp

CD C:/Windows/Prefetch

rmdir /S /Q C:/Windows/Prefetch

cd %TEMP%



cd Recent

del /s /q *.*

If you want to clean temp file manually then go to Run and delete files from Temp, Prefetch, recent folder.

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