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There are several reason to increase mental stress in our busy modern lifestyle including the repeated pings and buzzes of our smart phones. But by choosing right app from your smart phone  you can reduce mental stress and find calm. Headspace is one such app which can conduct all guided meditation.

headspace 2Here is a series of meditation guide which contains several mediation sessions that last from a few minutes to as long as an hour. In addition there is also single session to relief from panic or anxiety attack. You just select a meditation session to make yourself comfortable, pop on some headphones, hit play and let the soothing narration change your state of mind. To get benefit from this you have to use its most of session regularly which is no easy for everybody. After complete a session apps log help to keep people on track of user’s progress by filling in graphic which can be motivating.

Headspace is available on Android and iOS. It includes a limited number of sessions free; for access to more, the subscription fee is $13 a month.

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