Apps which are danger for your smartphone

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It’s become a hobby to many people to download verities of app in smartphone . But for your concern every app is not safe to download. Sometimes it could lead to danger. Many apps are waiting for you like your friend but fall you in jeopardy. If you are not careful you can be tracked or hacked. There are seven apps which may lead to you in danger-

  1. Quickpick: To share photo gallery it is difficult to find matching pair like this app. This app is easy to use, but as a friend it set up a trap for your destruction. After download the app company began to collect users all information from your phone.
  1. ES file explorer: When you download its free version it will continue send massage to download associate app and will make your life unsteady.
  1. UC Browser: In India and China Market this app is most popular in android web browser. They claim they can save data in your smartphone relatively low space. But they are also keeping an eye out on your movements.
  1. Music Player: You can save audio clip very easily by this app. But this app kills your smartphone battery power terribly.
  1. DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge: In fact this popular battery saving app is your phones enemy. It is not reduce your phones battery charging time at all. Moreover so many adds make you uneasy.
  1. Dolphin Web Browser: Download this add free app in your smartphone at your own risk. This app fully keeps track of your movements. Even in incognito mode this app collects all information about your websites visits.


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