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Google app and navigating waze has launched a new feature with the help of drivers for crossing dangerous road. The feature of waze named Difficult Intersection will find alternative road to avoid this type of road. In America has a passage on the right side for vehicle, as a result in the busy street it is very risky to take left turn especially in traffic without light.

For this US drivers inclines more to take right turn which cause to travel them comparatively long way. If it is take more way than normal intersection in alternative road then drivers can take left turn. However users can also off this feature whenever they want.

This feature will automatically turn on for the drivers of Los Angeles and soon it will be launched for New Orleans too. Wage is launching many apps with support of drivers for traffic on the street. The organization has started Alert feature with the help of drivers to drive within the speed limit. This feature is currently ON in Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden and other 18 countries including Uruguay.


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