Reasons of decreasing IQ

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Human brains are considered as computer processor. It has certain processing power and intelligence. How much we use this intelligence is depend on us. Intelligence is needed to finish a work, to solve problems, to pay attention and to creative work. But some wrong thinking, emotional conflicts gradually reduced intelligence or IQ. While working on a difficult task if we required additional intelligence then it’s adverse affect on our ability of concentrate and focus. Temporally decrease our IQ.

If we count 1000 by subtracting 7 while walking like this 1000,993,986 then we will stop walk after some time. Because brain cannot concentrate more than one thing at a time. But if the task was not so complicated we could have done it. Such as we can do math to listening music or can read while eating. We do not pay attention to both at the same time because of some of our mental habits. If we become aware of them we will be able to improve our qualifications, ability to solve more complex problems. Let’s know about those mental habits.


If somebody always suffers from frustration and depression and always thinks negative thoughts then it affects brain in adverse way. When we are in stress we forget many simple things. We do lot of silly mistakes which we usually don’t do. Because deep stress disrupts our attention. Not just mental, there is a lot of physical influence too.


Different kinds of mistakes that we make in our lives. They create in us a kind of self-reproach. In most of these cases, there is no solution. Even we feel guilty despite not being our fault. It has burdened our minds. Feeling guilty and suffering of this all the time can make a threat of our existence. The best solution to this problem is apologize and release yourself from self-reproach.

Unfounded allegation

In some cases, there is no means of expressing anger. Many of us are experienced such events which are beyond our control. But we become angry when we express them. We often get angry also when describe those situations. It costs a lot of energy, reduce our confidence, and feel us weak. It also reduces our mind on focusing and use of intelligence. So as much as we normally accept our situation will create opportunities for us to control the situation.


Too much anxiety is a kind of disorder. Anxiety reduces ability to apply our intelligence. Continuous anxiety becomes a habit. Many people cannot sleep at night worrying for no reason. In this cases must consult with psychiatrist.

Not ready for accept

We cannot accept our disappointment. We felt frustrated if don’t get our desired result. That time we think from emotion rather than logic. Sometimes criticize ourselves. Sometimes became aggressive. All of this activity makes us loser, reduce our intelligence.

The solution is simple, positive outlook. Real feeling of life can take us a long way forward.


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