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Incoming and outgoing call history stored up to 30 days in an Android phone and then it removes automatically from the system. But if you want you can backup all your phone logs and text massages in goggle drive safely. But how??

 IFTTT (  )

This app will save your call logs and text massages automatically in goggle drive.

Though titanium backup is still the best backup application for the smart phones. But remember this is a paid app and it will work only in root devices. Also it only saves your mobile data safely but cannot be easily converted into searchable spreadsheet.

How to backup Phone log: Phone logs backup is a easier process. Open IFTTT app and create a new formula. You need to create 3 different formulas to backup your call logs. A missed call dialed calls and last one for the received calls.

This will create a new spreadsheet and all of your massage will be stored from now. But it will not work for MMS. You have to create 5 spreadsheet in total. Three for call logs and two for massages (receive and send).

But it does not cover very old massage. For this you have to download and install sms backup and restore app from the goggle store. Open it and create backup according to the application. When the process completed correctly you will get a option to export your backup in CVS file. This CVS file can be open by any kind of spreadsheet application. Copy the file and paste it in goggle drive spreadsheet. That’s all, your work done.

  • First take a new channel for “IF”. Then scroll it and select “Android Phone Call”. Then select “any phone call placed” from blue plus indicator.
  • Take a new channel for “Then”. Go to the next option by pressing “Next” indicated by color and select “Add Row to Spreadsheet”.
  • Now go to the notification bar and press ON\OFF. After that press Finish to end the process.

Now all of your dialed call will be backup automatically in goggle drive spreadsheet in a row. You can create different spreadsheet for missed call and received call by same process.

How to back up your text massage

This process is same as phone call backup process. Just you have to select Android SMS besides of android call.

Thanks to all.

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